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Nurturing Experts through Smart IT Convergence and International Business Commerce

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Nurturing Experts through Smart IT Convergence and International Business Commerce 첨부이미지


Fostering Experts through Smart IT Convergence and International Business Commerce

Programs of Smart IT Convergence Engineering and International Business English was Established in the Graduate School


Graduate school courses to foster experts in smart IT convergence engineering and international business have been established. They will contribute to making the auto manufacturing, shipbuilding, and petrochemical industries as well as new growth engine industries a higher value-added business.  

Park Ju-chul, dean of the Graduate School of Industry announced today the offering of Smart IT Convergence, a Master’s program which will be open next March and will continue to accept applications until December 7. The major is set up to produce experts who can adapt to both smart systems which are frequently talked of in the IT industry and social network service computing environments. 

  In addition International Business English, a two and a half year master’s course, is being introduced. This is to foster professionals with communication and translation skills in the field of international commerce and is now recruiting new students.

The Smart IT Convergence major covers the various academic fields of administration, social science, industrial engineering, design, and IT. It also focus on creative thinking ability, cultivating experts who are able to understand new technologies such as smart systems, cloud computing, social networking services, digital content, and big data and can implement  projects based on the knowledge above.

Education proceeds with smart systems by linking project implementation and discussion of methodology to finding new business models through various cases being practiced by companies and public organizations.

The head professor, Gu Ja-rok, said that the boundary between the IT industry of software, PC’s, and cell phones has gone and the new academic fields of SNS marketing and huge data analysis are getting more attention than ever. He also added that the major is designed to cultivate professionals with creative thinking ability and extensive knowledge in various fields like management, technology, design, and liberal arts. 


International Business English majors will draw an alarming attention from numerous global leading companies and their subcontractors in Ulsan. The target of this course is the employees of those companies and personnel of newly arising occupational clusters as the project of elevating Ulsan to 'Northeast Asia Oil Hub ' is in progress.  

Once the second phase this project is completed in 2020, demand for professionals for 'liquid cargo global markets' where spots and futures will be traded will sharply increase. 

The curriculum covers fundamental requirements of international business experts in local companies. The courses offered are International Business English, English Presentation, and           Practical English Communication. These are all to upgrade students’ ability of discussion and negotiation, and translation skills. Also some basic, core, and intensive classes will be offered. Courses like Understanding Cross Culture Communication, Business English Discussion and Negotiation, Translation of Industrial Technology and others are planned to open.   

The faculty is all professionals in the field of international management, English translation, economy and trade, engineering, and experts in the industry. They plan to maximize the effectiveness of education through interdisciplinary team teaching.  


The chief organizer, Ko In-su, a professor of International Studies School, said that the curriculum will be consumer-focused. This is necessary for global industry and will contribute to sharpening the competitiveness of local companies, he added. 

The Graduate School of Industry will also open an 'Energy Management' course related to effective management of energy and greenhouse gas and will start recruiting new students.

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