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Park Kichul President of Singapore PG Holdings Gave a Special Lecture at his Alma mater, UOU

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Park Kichul President of Singapore PG Holdings Gave a Special Lecture at his Alma mater, UOU   첨부이미지


“My Fellow Alumni! Keep challenging yourselves!" 

Park Kichul, the president of Singapore PG Holdings gave a special lecture on entrepreneurship at UOU- his alma mater.

Park Kichul, the president of Singapore PG Holdings, is giving a lecture on entrepreneurial spirit at the architecture building on November 3. 



“Do your best and have a passion for what you want. Then you can turn what is impossible to possible" 

Mr. Park, president of Singapore PG Hoilings, a global manufacturer of automobile parts, earned an architecture degree in 1980. In his speech, delivered on November 13, he encouraged the students to have ambition without being complacent. 

Mr. Park, who once worked for Ssangyong Engineering and Construction and at other multinational firms, went to Malaysia penniless in his mid forties. There he started his own business that manufactures car parts like seats, wires, audio and video players. He expanded his business into Vietnam, Russia, and Singapore. It was a representative case of making something out of nothing. He received a presidential citation on the 48th Anniversary of Commerce Day. 

In his lecture on global entrepreneurship, he defined an entrepreneur as a person who creates jobs and values that which has never been around so far. “Intense spirit of challenge', he said,  ‘should be the most important virtue of a businessman.’ 

  He brought back his story when he went to NAZA, a leading car parts manufacturer in Malaysia to establish a business tie. His hands were bare except one photograph of a humble warehouse. Eventually he convinced the company and the bank that he could supply car seats in just 5 months. He compared his story with that of Chung Ju-yung, the late chairman of the Hyundai Group and founder of UOU. Chung won the shipbuilding contract with a photograph of sandy beach - a site for shipbuilding- and a 500 won bill on his hand. He emphasized that the secret behind success is an ambitious challenge.       

Mr. Park said that PG Holdings also has gone through hard times such as the global financial crisis, a factory fire in Malaysia, and plant manager's corruption, He added that a positive mind-set and patience will definitely make it possible to overcome any crisis.

He spurred the students to challenge themselves, saying "If your heart pumps thinking of an adventure, you are full of entrepreneurial spirit. And opportunity for success knocks at the door of those who challenge. 

Park also signed an MOU for the internship program. This will provide 10 students with a chance to visit his plants in Singapore and get on-site education every year. 

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