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How to Solve a Territorial Dispute around the World?

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How to Solve a Territorial Dispute around the World?   첨부이미지


International Affairs and Education Office hold the 2012 Mock UN General Assembly

Proposed Peaceful Solutions to Marine Territory Disputes between Countries


The 2012 mock UN general assembly was held by the International Affairs and Education Office. Baek Eunji, senior of English major, representing the Philippines, is masking her presentation of her view over the peaceful solution to marine territory dispute.

She pointed out "marine territory dispute between countries arises because each country interprets maritime law to their advantage, so the marine boundary has to be redrawn and every single country has to have an opportunity for exploiting submarine mineral which is the asset of human beings.”

The 2012 mock UN general assembly was held in the international conference room of the International Hall on November 23. This year’s theme was 'peaceful solutions to marine territory disputes.’ The international studies majors took a role of representing 17 different countries and put forward their opinions over maritime laws. Some of the arguments they proposed were about revising maritime laws through arbitration and cooperation to solve disputes for territory boundary and submarine mineral exploitation.

This mock conference was held in part to help the students' global competence build up. Through discussions and debates on the internationally thorny issue like 'marine territory disputes', the students learn how the international organization of the United Nations can do for settling the issue

All the presenters held a consensus that the UN maritime law should be thoroughly reviewed by pointing out that dispute over territory resulted from ambiguous maritime law such as EEZ. 

The representative of the Philippines, Baek Eunji, said “China established a fishermen's shelter on a coral islet in 1994. This trigged a dispute among the countries surrounding the South China Sea. She added, “UNCLOS should be revised much clearer so that the world can cooperate to develop marine resources now being delayed due to the disputes.”  

The representative of Nicaragua, Lee Mihyeun, senior of public administration major, expressed her complaints. She argued, “Encroachment upon the territory has continued until today as the marine boundary of former colonies was set by the interests of the western powers.

  Representing South Korea, Jang Sanghyun, senior of political diplomacy major, said “we need to find a solution under the circumstance where both powerful and weak nations can prosper collaboratively, enjoying their own advantages.” “International society should work together to develop a common view of using marine resources for prosperity, stressed he.    

The representative of the US, Lee Eunjung, sophomore of Spanish and Latin American Studies major, argued that a marine territory mediation committee should be established for each ocean since the international organization such as ICJ and ITLOS are not practical enough to settle the dispute due to each country's nationalist feelings there in conflicts. She also proposed that China has to set up an organization with the neighboring nations to talk about sharing resources management rights. She also added that Japan has to revise the regulations on an uninhabited island and an underwater reef. These territories have to belong to their closest inhabited island. She suggested that each nation share its technology to develop natural energy such as offshore wind power.    

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