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Joint Nurturing of Human Resources with Public Institutions Being Relocated to Ulsan

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Joint Nurturing of Human Resources with Public Institutions Being Relocated to Ulsan 첨부이미지


Joint nurturing of human resources with public institutions which will be relocated to Ulsan

Success is expected as a local independent manpower nurturing model


On November 23 in the Intercontinental Room of KOEX in Seoul, UOU signed an MOU with the Korean Energy Management Corporation and Korea East-West Power Inc. The two will relocate to the Ulsan Ujung Innovation City to jointly nurture the human resources concerned. 


From left, Huh Jung-seok, vice president of the Foundation for Industry Cooperation, Lee Chul, president of UOU, Na Yong-whan, vice chairman of the Korean Energy Management Corporation, Jang Juok, president of Korea East-West Power Inc.    


By signing the MOU with the Korean Energy Management Corporation and Korea East-West Power, UOU agreed to nurture human resources by cooperating with the industry. These two organizations have been designated to relocate to Ulsan by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy.  


 On November 23, President Lee attended the MOU signing hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy to make certain the creation local job opportunities and nurturing local engineering individuals. The participants of this project were 27 relocating public institutions and 17 universities of different places to which those institutions will relocate. President Lee signed the MOU with both institutions relocating to the Ujung Innovation City of Ulsan.


To follow up, UOU will offer pertinent majors. It newly founded an energy management master's course at the Graduate School of Industry. This will be a specialization track and a training track for refreshing workers. Then, it will fulfill its role of nurturing human resources required by the relocating institutions. In return, those institutions will provide scholarship programs, equipment, apparatus, internship programs and industry-university cooperation instructors or professors.


The Minister of the Ministry Knowledge and Economy, Hong, Seok-woo said "The cooperation of these institutions and local universities for nurturing excellent human resources will be a catalyst for small and medium local businesses suffering from a severe labor shortage to employ decent engineering resources."

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