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Mechanical Engineering Department Signed MOU with its Closely-Affiliated Firms

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Mechanical Engineering Department Signed MOU    with its Closely-Affiliated Firms 첨부이미지


University-Industry Cooperation Means National Competitiveness

School of Mechanical Engineering Hosted a Gathering with its 59 Closely-Affiliated Companies


On November 29 in the international building, the Mechanical Engineering Department had a closely-affiliated company exchange gathering. There two parties signed an MOU. 


Huh Jungseok, the vice president of the UOU’s Foundation for Industry-University Cooperation Program, in the middle of the front row, and representatives of closely-affiliated companies . 


 At this gathering, Professor Lee Kyung-sik, head of mechanical engineering department, announced that they will strive to nurture their students to develop company tailored abilities and to have industrial technologies. The two parties signed an MOU as a part of the industry-university cooperation program on November 29 at the International Building.   


Fifty nine closely-affiliated companies attended. Thirty from their companies’ Automobile Division were there including Hyundai Motor Company, Hyundai Mobis, Duckyang Industry, Sejong Industry. The firms with Mechanical Divisions had 29 representatives in attendance including Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, Sungjin Geotec, Hankuk Precision.


All of the companies agreed to efficiently manage a 4-week field work program during the summer and winter breaks and a 16-week domestic and overseas long-term internship programs every year. 


Particularly, the Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation Program of UOU present on the day introduced a leading model of industry-university unification for accompanying growth of university and local businesses. They suggested that global engineering marketer training courses should aim to nurture global experts equipped with foreign language proficiency, management, and even marketing ability by combining humanities, social sciences, business, design, and engineering fields.

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