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President Pioneers Overseas Job Markets

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President Pioneers Overseas Job Markets  첨부이미지


President Pioneers Overseas Job Markets 

Visited Beijing Jiaotong University to Sign up an Academic Tie



President Lee Chul paid a visit to the overseas firms run by our alumni. His efforts to boost employment opportunities of our students has borne fruit as he signed several agreements with those businesses on connecting overseas internship to employment.


On December 3, President Lee Chul met Kim Munseok, now President of the UOU Alumni Association of China, who majored in civil engineering at UOU in 1982. Lee signed the agreement which will lead UOU graduates to participate in internship programs offered by firms owned by the UOU graduates. Following this, he visited Beijing Hyundai Motor Company and Hyundai Mobis where our graduates work as executives; He gave his warm encouragement to them. 


A forerunner of this agreement was the internship agreement to foster our graduates’ employment and foundation of firms. It was signed in Indonesia last summer. On July 13, the President visited PT Inwha Indonesia Inc., an international petrochemical plant construction company owned by Hwang Eul-sang, aged 54, graduate of UOU’s architecture college. The internship program will be beneficial to chemical, electric and electronic, mechanical and architectural and environmental engineering students.


Also president Lee Chul signed an agreementwith Song Chang-Keun, CEO of the KMK Global Sports G_roup, who majored mechanical engineering at UOU. The agreement includes manufacturing products based on students’ creative ideas. Accordingly Mr. Song visited UOU on October 26 and recruited twelve students for ‘Improving Creativity Overseas Internship.’ The students will attend the program for one semester in his factories in Indonesia.

“These internship programs contracted with the overseas firms of UOU graduates will surely be an efficient means to improve UOU students’ sense of globalization and overseas employment opportunities’ said Lee Chul.


On December 4, he signed an agreement with the President of Beijing Jiaotong University, a prestigious university for transport. The agreement includes implementing cooperative education programs, research, academic exchange and cooperative culture classes.


Beijing Jiaotong University opened in Beijing in 1895 and is a specialized university for communications, information processing and traffic information control systems and general control. Currently there are 26,000 undergraduates and graduate students. It is ranked 31st among Chinese universities. 

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