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Diagnostic yield of post-bronchoscopy sputum for diagnosing pauci-bacillary pulmonary tuberculosis

Background: A few studies have mentioned that post-bronchoscopy sputum (PBS) could improve the diagnostic yield in pauci-bacillary pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB). Therefore, we evaluated the diagnostic yield of PBS for diagnosing pauci-bacillaryPTB. Methods: Clinical data of immunocompromised adult patients with pauci-bacillary PTB were retrospectively retrieved at a tertiary hospital in Seoul, South Korea over a 5-year period. We analyzed patients who underwent bronchoscopy examinations for diagnosing pauci-bacillary PTB. Results: Ninety patients were finally analyzed. Of these patients, 76 patients were tested with PBS. Six (8%) of these patients had positive results on AFB smear of PBS alone. Additionally, 52 patients (68%) had positive results on mycobacterial culture and 12 (16%) had positive results on mycobacterial culture of PBS exclusively. Therefore, in this study population, a total of 18 patients (20%) were finally diagnosed as having PTB with PBS results only, even though AFB smear microscopy and culture of other specimens had negative results. Conclusions: PBS could improve the diagnostic yield by 20% when diagnosing pauci-bacillary PTB. In addition, about 8% of the patients could be diagnosed rapidly because of AFB smear microscopy positivity for PBS. Therefore, PBS use should be considered as a complementary diagnostic approach in patients with suspected pauci-bacillary PTB.

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