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Clinical features of ischemic complications after unruptured middle cerebral artery aneurysm clipping: patients and radiologically related factors

Postoperative ischemic complication results in neurological sequelae and longer hospitalization after unruptured middle cerebral artery (MCA) aneurysm clipping surgery. We evaluated the radiological and patient-related factors associated with ischemic complications after unruptured MCA aneurysm clipping surgery. Patient demographics, radiological findings, and intraoperative factors were compared between patientswith and without postoperative ischemic complications. The clinical courses and outcomes of postoperative ischemic complications were compared according to the types of ischemic complication. Forty-two out of 2227 patients (1.9%) developed postoperative ischemic complications after MCA aneurysm clipping. Multivariate analysis revealed that diabetes mellitus (DM) was a patient-related factor. Intraarterial (IA) calcification of the distal internal carotid artery (ICA), preoperativeM1 stenosis, and M1 aneurysm were radiological factors that increased the risk of postoperative ischemic complications. DM was significantly associated with divisional branch territory infarction (P = 0.04). The time to first presentation of ischemic complication was significantly longer in divisional branch territory infarction than perforator territory infarction (67.8 ± 75.9 h vs. 22 ± 20.7, P = 0.023). Twelve out of 42 patients with ischemic complications (28.6%) had unfavorable outcome (mRS > 3). Perforator territory infarction was significantly associated with an unfavorable outcome (mRS > 3, P = 0.019). IA calcification of the distal ICA, M1 stenosis and aneurysms, andDM were significantly associated with postoperative ischemic complications after unruptured MCA aneurysm clipping. Patients with DM should be closely monitored postoperatively to detect delayed occurrence of divisional branch infarction. Trial registration number: 2019-1002, Date of registration: January 1, 2005, “retrospectively registered”

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