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No 6853
Subject Development of weight lightened automotiv bodt parts applying R-FSSW and development of wireless inspection system with 64ch C-SAN for weld quality test(2)
Professor in Charge Kwon, Yong-Jai
Period Jan 1, 2018 ~ Dec 31, 2018
Amont(KRW) 50,000,000
Organization Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology
No 6852
Subject A Participation in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Preparation for Multi-country Research Cooperation
Professor in Charge Ocktaeck LIM
Period Jan 1, 2018 ~ Dec 31, 2018
Amont(KRW) 25,000,000
Organization Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning
No 6851
Subject Significance and Contribution of Hypothalamic Neuron Primary Cilia in Systemic Programming of Aging Process
Professor in Charge Kim, Min-Seon
Period Jan 1, 2018 ~ Dec 31, 2018
Amont(KRW) 165,156,947
Organization .
No 6850
Subject Education and Social Mobility in Korea
Professor in Charge Lee Sungkyun
Period Dec 23, 2017 ~ Dec 22, 2018
Amont(KRW) 50,000,000
Organization The Academy of Korean Studies
No 6849
Subject Multi Band Antenna System Development for Intraoral Tongue Drive System Data Transmission
Professor in Charge Yoo, Hyoungsuk
Period Dec 20, 2017 ~ Dec 19, 2018
Amont(KRW) 25,000,000
Organization National Research Foundation of Korea

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