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No 6838
Subject Development of Low-Cost Diffusion SW for Dental 3D Printer Packages
Professor in Charge BAE, JAE-HAK
Period Dec 1, 2017 ~ Nov 30, 2018
Amont(KRW) 46,718,000
Organization Small and Medium Business Administration
No 6837
Subject Development of automatic welding system and it's jigs for improving welding of pressure vessels for plants
Professor in Charge CHU, SEOK-JAE
Period Dec 1, 2017 ~ Nov 30, 2018
Amont(KRW) 20,000,000
Organization Small and Medium Business Administration
No 6836
Subject Research on realization of variable space planning augmented reality of long-life housing demonstration complex
Professor in Charge Kim, Beom-Kwan
Period Nov 27, 2017 ~ Dec 27, 2017
Amont(KRW) 12,540,000
Organization 서울주택도시공사
No 6835
Subject A Study on the Schematic Design for World-School Students in Ulsan
Professor in Charge Lee, Han-Joon
Period Nov 16, 2017 ~ Feb 28, 2018
Amont(KRW) 13,182,000
Organization Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education
No 6834
Subject Assessment of the business value and Lean management for profitavility impovement
Professor in Charge Hong, Yunsook
Period Nov 15, 2017 ~ Dec 31, 2017
Amont(KRW) 16,500,000
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