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Research Units

Research Institutes
Research Institute of Basic Sciences 기초과학연구소
Research Institute of Social Sciences 사회과학연구소
Institute of Environmental Studies 환경연구소
Research Institute of Humanities 인문과학연구소
Center for Business and Management Research 기업경영연구소
Institute of Chemical Technology 화학산업종합연구소
Research Institute of Human Ecology 생활과학연구소
Whale Research Center 고래연구소
Research Institute of Public Policy 공공정책연구소
Research Institute of Ulsan Studies 울산학연구소
Korean Language & Culture Center 국어문화원
Research Institute of Medical Science Technology 의과학기술연구소
Research Institute of Bangudae Petroglyph 반구대암각화유적보존연구소
Specialty Research Institutes
Research Institute of Architecture and Urban Studies 도시·건축연구소
Institute of Construction Technology 건설환경기술연구소
Research Institute of Education 교육연구소
Information and Technology Laboratory 정보기술연구소
Insititute of Medical Education 의학교육센터
Research Insitute of Materials Science 첨단소재연구소
Machinery Research Center 기계기술연구소
Productivity Research Center 생산성연구소
Research Institute for Antimicrobial Resistance & Microbial Genetices 항균제내성·미생물유전학연구센터
e-Vehicle Research Institute e-Vehicle연구센터
Research Institute for Digestive System Disease 소화기병연구소
Biomedical Research Center 생의과학연구소
Research Institute for Green Energy Safety Environment 그린에너지안전환경연구소
Radiology Research Center 방사선의학연구소
Medical Research Information Center 의학연구정보센터
Research Institute of Advanced Marine System 첨단해양시스템연구센터
Environmental Health Center 환경보건센터
Disaster Management Institute 방재연구소
Research Institute of Convergence Methematical Science 융복합수리과학연구소

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